Diagnosis and RA

Posted on February 26, 2018

It can be a long and twisty path to a rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosis. Misdiagnosis and the frustrating health care system can cause delays. Once you finally receive an RA diagnosis, it takes time to get used to and figure out.

On myRAteam, the social network and online support group for those living with rheumatoid arthritis, members talk about a range of personal experiences and struggles. Getting a diagnosis is one of the top 10 topics most discussed.

Here are a few question-and-answer threads about the RA diagnosis:

How many rheumatologists does it take to get a diagnosis?

I am still in my first year of diagnosis and wondering if this is part of RA?

Why would my rheumatologist prescribe medication with no definitive diagnosis yet?

Here are some conversations about the RA diagnosis:

A member shares when her provider was changing her diagnosis.

It has been the toughest month since my diagnosis.

I was shocked when I was diagnosed.

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A myRAteam Member said:

Some people don't have a positive RA serum....like me and it's hard to get docs to believe something that isn't validated by a number/score. My RA doc… read more

posted 23 days ago


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