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posted about 14 hours ago by A myRAteam User

getting out of breath

seems like warmer weather especially with high humidity makes me get out of breath with any exertion. I do think humidity is the culprit. Makes doing anything outside difficult and I live on a farm (with animals) and have a dog rescue, so it does pose a problem. Anyone else have this and any suggestions? Thanks

posted about 16 hours ago by A myRAteam User

I have suffered very badly this year with asthma and Hayfever sometimes I can't get a breath have to breath very gently. It sounds like you have… read more

posted about 7 hours ago

Doctor diagnosed me with RA but blood tests were negative

Hi , my GP diagnosed me with RA and polymyositis in June. Symptoms of extreme fatigue and inability to move much or even think. Morning stiffness all throughout my body and especially my legs and ankles. I do have lots of back pain from my neck right down to my thighs quite frequently. I suffer swollen feet and fingers and my wrists get quite sore and painful. I become sensitive to touch, noise and light at different times. I also battle to breath quite… read more

posted 1 day ago by A myRAteam User
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It took me some time to decipher the difference between my RA pains and my FMS pains. They both hurt like the dickens, but my Fibro pains leave me with… read more

posted about 6 hours ago

Can RA cause unexplained sore throat?

posted 1 day ago by A myRAteam User
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LOL! Sexy Voice. One of the plus side....

posted about 3 hours ago

Does anyone take this combination?

Have been reading lots of stuff on the internet (gotta love Google), but my daughter sent me an article today that said to add 2 tbsp honey, 1 tsp. Cinnamon to 1 cup of hot water & drink before breakfast. Has anyone tried this?? If so, how did it work for you?

tags: Honey & cinnamon

posted 3 days ago by A myRAteam User
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If it helps with the symptoms, I say GO for it! Nothing is going to take this disease away. Even if it's in remission, it's still there. I use a lot of… read more

posted about 1 hour ago


I've been taking Azulfidine 1 tablet twice a day for several years, I get terrible ringing in my ears and didn't realise it could be a side effect. Should I ask my doctor about it?

posted 3 days ago by A myRAteam User
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Yes you should!

posted 3 days ago

I know it's common to get thrush on prednisone, but has anyone gotten thrush in leflunomide,?

tags: oral thrush

posted 3 days ago by A myRAteam User
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Every time we are prescribed an anti-biotic for strep, pneumonia, bronchitis, ect. Be ready for a bout of thrush. It becomes chronic after so many… read more

posted 3 days ago

I have a large cyst like growth forming on my thigh just above my right knee which is due to be replaced shortly

has anyone got an idea what it could be as i am having a ultra sonic scan next week
and the operation has been further delayed
what is the normal recovery time for knee replacement ??

posted 3 days ago by A myRAteam User
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It will be different for everyone. I had my left knee done first. I was told I'd be in the hospital five to seven days and in a rehab for two weeks then… read more

posted about 24 hours ago

Is it a Ra symptom or not ???

I have had my legs hurting me for at least a week and progressing and getting worse now my one leg is really hot to touch and is pulsating. My toes are tingling It kind of scaring me could it be a blood clot? Ra? just wondering has anyone had anything like this ? Thank you in advance

posted 4 days ago by A myRAteam User
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Take Care My Girl...glad your leg feels somewhat better. I'm trying to get myself in the right stage to sleep. Taking a little longer than usual. Things… read more

posted about 12 hours ago
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