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Positive CCP IgG, Then Negative One Month Later...?

Positive CCP IgG, Then Negative One Month Later...?

I couldn’t go to the lab due to Covid19, so I did an at home/mail in test for RA through a company called ImAware. It came back with 234 u/ml for CCP IgG. I went to my doctors lab about a month later to get tested and my CCP IgG level was 0.5 u/ml, so negative. Both tests showed negative RF.

Is it possible for a test to be positive and then negative a month later? Is the first lab I used inaccurate? I’m so confused, has anyone else had this happen?

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A myRAteam Member said:

That happened to me so my Rheumatologist tan another type of test and discovered I have seronegative RA. This won't show up in your CRP levels. Ask your physician about it.

posted 5 months ago
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