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Has anyone tried stem cell therapy for their knees before having a Synovectomy?

A myRAteam Member said:

I am a surgical coordinator for an orthopaedic Group. Patient have called to ask about that and our surgeons don't think there are long-term outcome studies on the treatment. You should see if there… read more

posted about 3 years ago



Hi, folks:

Has anyone had swollen, debilitating knees that actually did ultimately respond to any of the meds, and resolved?

Or should I just be accepting that this will never change and it's just advancement of RA? I've tried several of the biologics so far, and my legs don't respond at all.

I never had OA, and have only been impacted by these swollen legs now since May or June of this past year.

I've also read that people have steroid shots to help, but that that's temporary and… read more

A myRAteam Member said:


posted almost 6 years ago
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