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Two days after my Methotrixate jab I suffer from fatique and brain fog.I can sit for hours doing nothing just stareing and fall asleep on and off all day even though I sleep great all night
Its so frustating that I know im doing it but cant control it
Its like I like someone (me) is giving me a kick up the but to move but I just cant find the strength or energy to do it.Is there a way round this feeling of two lost days or do I just have to except it.I am on 25mg and have been for 3 wks now to… read more

A myRAteam Member said:

Dannie Im definitely unfit 😱 I've put on so much weight as Ican't move my joints as well as I used to and the fatigue doesn't help πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ I try and walk every day and On a good day health wise I have a fat burning DvD that I try for 20 emphasis on the try 🀣.But RA has definitely changed my body and mind πŸ™„ xx

posted 4 months ago
A myRAteam Member said:

It sure is I feel lazy nowadays I don’t have the motivation no more and feel so unfit c

posted 4 months ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Oh my! Im only on .05ml I could never imagine being on that high of a dose! My hair has already started to fall out!

posted about 1 month ago
A myRAteam Member said:

But, I hate medications or injections that is strong for me that I FEEL HIGH OR IN A FOG!
I rather be functional and do my daily domestic chores and care for my babies: 5 dogs and 8 cats [one who is PUSHING 78 years younger, had 9 stress strokes 1978-1992, had RA In the '90 to current and an aneurysm on my pillar leg and an amputee 11 years ago-3/2011] and do nothing.
I'm praying for Thy Dr. and Thy prescribed medications and injections for YOU!
Take Care and PRAISE GOD!

posted 2 months ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Hi loueeji, I just saw this. I have constant fatigue. It's worst for a few days after taking my weekly dose, every Sunday. This past Sunday I slept most of the day and still slept through the night

posted 3 months ago
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