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I'm new to this group but wanted to ask. How do you excersize? I have been trying to walk but I also have COPD so it's been hard, I used to be in such great physical shape but in the last few years I have become very overweight. I was just wondering how everyone else excercises when your joints hurt all the time.

A myRAteam Member said:

What about one of the foot/cycle machines? They are working for my friend-esp if it is hard to walk outside. Keeps you movong and you can do it in the cool AC. Just a thought-good luck:)

posted 17 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

I walk and I remember how little I could do at first. Had surgery and had to start though stopped all exercising with RA. Now I can go 20 - 30 min decent pace not real fast. I also found Volturen which has helped some

posted 18 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Honestly I push myself really hard because my fitness goals are super important to me. Lately I get some degree of relief when i walk so that helps things out also.

posted 21 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Pool exercises work well and a lot less stress on joints. They have arthritis classes at YMCA s and other gyms with indoor pools so you can go year round.

posted about 24 hours ago
A myRAteam Member said:

You might try some of the yoga stretching like they have on PBS. This could help to gently introduce your joints/muscles to movement and it could help you then move onto toning exercises.

posted 12 days ago
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