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Methatrexate Use Long Term

Methatrexate Use Long Term

Haven't been back to my Rheumatologist since COVID. Took myself off methatrexate as I was having my blood monitored. I fear being on it long term. What have those of you who have been on it experienced?

A myRAteam Member said:

I started enbrel 3 months ago but not better yet? Before that I was on Orencia for 9 months with no success. Anyone know how long enbrel takes to start working?

posted about 9 hours ago
A myRAteam Member said:

I have faith in my Rheumatologist. I tried to make do with Methotrexate, it wasn’t enough. Started Enbrel. Good so far.

posted 2 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

I’m on it but after 6 years I’m thinking it’s not working as well as it did.

posted 3 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Meds prescribed by my Rheumatologist, methotrexate(6 years) and Enbrel since July. Prednisone as needed. Labs every three months. No joint damage so far, prefer no joint replacements.

posted 4 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

I would say routine blood work to check levels. Make sure meds aren't messing with liver or kidney functions.

posted 6 days ago
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