Has anyone had finger joint replacement?

Has anyone had finger joint replacement?

I want PIP joint replacement, but where I live the hand surgeons won’t do them. Has anyone done this?

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Thank you for helping. I’m just wanting to do anything I can to relieve the pain and keep my flexibility.

posted 7 days ago
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I also just read ur profile. Now I am NOT saying u are old...that would be the kettle calling....etc.......but some docs follow a general rule that they do not like to perform any “elective” surgery (defined as not necessary to save or prolong life) for patients over age 70, as in general, the risks or all complications for any surgical procedure rise dramatically, statistically speaking, after age 70. Plus folks in this age range tend to have additional comorbid health conditions to the one the elective surgery is being sought for. That ups risks even further.
I’m not saying that’s why ur doc doesn’t want to do the PIP replacement.....just something to consider/ask as you continue to investigate ur options. Best wishes

edited, originally posted 7 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

I have not, but this is a pretty rare surgery cause the PIP finger joints are used so much, the artificial joints tend to wear out really quickly...so depending on one’s age...the procedure may need to be repeated several times...with more scar tissue, swelling, failure rates, etc. Fusion of the PIP joints to relive pain caused by RA or OA (if that's ones main finger complaint) at least tends to have a better outcome. But of course only ones hand surgeon can determines one’s best treatment option or plan.
Best wishes

posted 8 days ago
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