Is anyone familiar with the drug Leflunomide?

Is anyone familiar with the drug Leflunomide?

My rheumatologist wants to take me off of Methotrexate and put me on Leflunomide. I've never heard of this drug and I was wondering if anyone is familiar with it and whether or not it worked for you. Thank you in advance for any answers!

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I was on this med for a short while but it did not help me at all. So I moved on to Humira which worked for about six months after which it did nothing and I was in severe pain all joints started hurting.
I was unable to walk. For the past three months I have been on weekly ENBREL injection and Celebrex which I take twice daily. This combination has decreased the joint swelling tremendously. I Now have more mobility and less joint pain.

posted about 1 month ago
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My pharmacist wife says while both Methotrexate and Plaquenil are both DMARDS their mode of action is very different, so they are sometimes a common rheumatologist combo for folks who may perhaps need more relief than either one alone gives, and/or perhaps that their lab values may be higher than their rheumatologist may prefer to be on only one DMARD at a time. Of course, always follow the advice of your own doctor. As their are many RA meds and combos of meds doctors can choose from for any particular patient. Only your doctor can diagnose your unique situation and prescribe the best treatment plan. Asking questions of your rheumatologist is certainly fair and allowed to know the why of whatever treatment plan one is put on. Best wishes.

edited, originally posted about 1 month ago
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I didn't mean to imply the Arava had anything to do with my husband's passing. He had a number of health issues, RA was only one of them.
The Arava did help him to deal with the RA.

posted 21 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Ya, taking drugs with potential bad side effects can be scary....but once they work....having a life after going off them can be even more terrifying

posted 26 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

@A myRAteam Member
My pharmacist wife says It’s very similar pharmacologically actually to Methotrexate. Just slightly different effectiveness and side effect profile, some do better on one or the other, for unknown reasons...just that everyone reacts differently....
Follow your doctors advice. Best wishes.

posted 27 days ago
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