Rheumatoid Arthritis Question

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cbd employed with school system admin ofc.

cbd employed with school system admin ofc.

So my dilemma. Working in the school system they will randomly test I haven't yet, but yesterday co-workers saw me researching and said, "you know we test for that", I explained I'm researching since the methox. caused liver issues and I'm off it for next 3 month and NO more prednisone (I was on for 4 years).
I emailed my Dr. about it since I take ENBREL once a week and folic acid and milk thistle and (Phone number can only be seen by myRAteam users) Tylenol. NOW I've… read more

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A myRAteam Member said:

Full spectrum CBD can test positive on a drug test, CBD isolate will not.
If you opt to try CBD Insist on a Certificate of Analysis from the vendor as
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posted 3 months ago
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