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How Do You Describe A Flare To Someone Who Doesn't Have RA?

How Do You Describe A Flare To Someone Who Doesn't Have RA?

My flares aren't always exactly the same but yesterday I flared badly. I can describe it to my daughter, sorry guys most women will get this, as the overwhelming body aches and exhaustion on PMS. My entire body feels swollen and it throbs and joints ache like a fever. For my hubby and son I can only describe it as throbbing and aching in my entire body. and exhausted like I've run a marathon and haven't slept for days. And even with all that, it doesn't really describe the feeling. So I'm… read more

A myRAteam Member said:

Feel like tin man after a few bad winters and very rusted joints and trying to move without a can of Wd40

posted about 3 years ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Flares are so unpredictable, and my symptoms can vary in lots of ways.
First thing is intense body aches and fatigue from head to my toes. Next, I have foggy brain and my tongue feels so thick that I have a hard time conversing very hard. Memory! Finding and spelling words is compromised. No appetite and sometimes I can be vomit nauseous for a week.
I have joint pain my neck and extremities.
I’ve been extremely grateful and blessed with a great cocktail that is working!
My past blood work was excellent, with only 1 slightly elevated inflammation marker. I’ve had so much energy and I’m celebrating

posted over 3 years ago
A myRAteam Member said:

The first full on flare, the one that I finally understood what a flare was, made me want to die!! My lymph nodes in my neck swelled to the size of eggs. I felt like I was being strangled, choked swallowing even water and I couldn't lay flat because the swelling suffocated me. I ran fever, freezing with chills, both legs, hands swelled and couldn't lay on my hips. I couldn't walk-hobble 20 feet without stopping to rest. It was the worse pain I've ever felt. I couldn't stand for longer than 5-8 minutes so I used my 73 yo mother's shower chair. Finally hiding, sitting in my mother's shower chair, I would let it all out. I would ugly cry, sobbing, praying and calling out to God for strength and help. I hurt from head to my toes! Everything throbbed, pulsated, went numb, prickly, sharp shooting pains and my back felt like a band was around me. From the top of my shoulder blades to just below them, felt like a squeezing tight rubber band constantly binding me. It went from a throbbing ache to the entire area feeling like I was on fire! It took cortisone shot, pain shots 20 day round of prednisone and finally caving in to start methotrexate, for me to get any relief. I also started meds for my mixed anxiety & depressive disorder. I had not realized how far I had fallen into depression. I thank God everyday for getting me through that and I pray for strength and the right treatments to keep me healthier.

posted almost 2 years ago
A myRAteam Member said:

I’ve described a flare as feeling like I fell down a flight of stairs, achy from my neck to my toes. The pain is not just my joints it’s full body pain. Feels insides are on fire And inflamed.Fatigue is so bad it takes everything to shower, then fall right back into bed. If I’m lucky it only last a few days.

posted over 1 year ago
A myRAteam Member said:


Coming down with the flu, brain is stuffed with cotton and I can't think right, feel like I'm moving through cold molasses, everything aches, feel blah and nothing is interesting, super hungry but no energy to fix anything to eat, feel depressed.

posted over 2 years ago
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