Rheumatoid Arthritis Question

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Does anyone find methotrexate to work really well?

Does anyone find methotrexate to work really well?

I keep hearing people talk about how intolerable @methotrexate is. I am curious to hear from people who find it to be helping. I started it 3 weeks ago and I can't believe how amazing I feel. Its like someone oiled my joints and told my muscles to behave! I wonder if it's something specific to my condition. I'm sero negative poly inflammatory arthritis. Essentially that just means I have Ankylosing spondylitis symptoms and RA. Virtually every joint is involved… read more

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A myRAteam Member said:

Methotrexate worked well for me along with other medications I was on highest dose for 10 years then all of a sudden took bad reaction to the drug and… read more

posted 8 days ago
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