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Iv Treatment

Iv Treatment

Question, so have had ra a long time but was diagnosed with ra in December 2020. However, struggling with covid, I can't begin medication until well. I am very inflamed even with steroids. So my question is when I see ra doctor should I ask about iv treatment?The problem is I am in the 30% of persons that have normal blood work. Any suggestions would help!


A myRAteam Member said:

Marla, what do you mean by negative blood work. Everything was negative for me except anti-cap. I was diagnosed over 5 years and 2 doctors ago. I just recently had my second infusion of Simponi Aria. No help yet. I have NEVER been in remission. I am sorry to say that in my case, insurance dictates what you start and when. The rheumatologist keeps telling me we have options, but it takes MONTHS to decide if something is working or not.
I left my first doctor because she was so busy she would want to see me in 3 months and it would be 6 or 7. That is why my situation is as it is.

Ask you doctor about your options. Keep those lines of communication open and advocate for yourself.

Hugs and good luck,

posted 8 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

My blood work always look good, I ended up in urgent care and er 7 times in November and December. Er doctor said your swollen but your blood work is good! Thank-goodness for my doctor and finally getting into an amazing rheumatologist! Just praying to get over covid asap so I can get started on ra medicine. If my first medications don't work quickly, I will beg doctor to change it. This doctor said that they will switch medication soon. As stated before my husband works at a job he hates so we have good health insurance, so I am blessed ! However, the insurance companies I think have to much control! Good luck to you!

posted 7 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Sorry you are struggling; I don't have an answer for you but just pray you feel better soon.

posted 8 days ago
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