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New To RA- So Many Questions!

New To RA- So Many Questions!

I was recently diagnosed by my primary care physician and am waiting for my rheumatologist appointment. But I have so many questions
-How do you manage this daily pain in your hands and wrists along with the swelling.
-Do people with RA get sick more often bc of having an autoimmune disease?
-Does this fatigue feeling go along with RA? I feel so tired and can’t seem to get enough rest.
-Will this affect all my joints eventually? Like my feet and ankles? I’ve been feeling some pain in… read more

A myRAteam Member said:

I was diagnosed with RA about 15 years ago. I think it affects each person a little differently. Personally I have found that changing my diet helped a lot (gluten free, no sugar, low carb, and eliminate other trigger foods by doing the AIP diet.) But as I get older it is getting a little worse and showing up in more places. Barometric pressure (weather changes) also affect me, so I found I do better in a mild dry climate where the weather doesn't change much. I've never taken any medications for RA, except the occasional Naproxen, but managed my symptoms mostly through diet and lifestyle changes. Yoga and staying active helps me a lot. However, now that I'm in my 60's and don't live in the best climate for my condition I've been considering medication. I feel more tired now than I used to. I don't think people with RA get sick more often than other people, but they might have to be more careful of injuries. Stress is also a trigger for flare-ups. It started in my fingers, but now my knees, ankles and neck also have symptoms. Taking care of your overall health and wellbeing will definitely reduce flare-ups.

posted 9 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

I find my rheumatologist and his clinic have been marvellous but I have learnt over 4 years that I know my body best. Warm water helps if I’m in pain, I take methotrexate which suits me and I manage on 1 a week now. I can have a cold and sore throat one day and be fine the next day. I exercise by walking about 5 miles a day and I feel it if I don’t.. I get tired quickly and hardly sleep but I know I’m doing well.
Everyone has their own way of coping.
I always have a flare up if I get stressed so I refuse to let that happen now.
Take care of yourself x

posted 9 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

Here's what I have to say...
-It hits different people in different places. Started in my feet during my 30s. Try and work with a rheumatologist to find medication to control the issue ASAP.
-Fatigue is hitting me now at 40.
-I was told RA can spread to other areas of your body if it is not contained.
-My rheumatologist put me on Methotrexate, then in 5(?) weeks that resolved the initial problem. Several years after that I had to also start to take Humira when foot pain came back. Now I think I will eventually be taken off Methotrexate.
-Some medications, Humira included, have discounts that make them cost almost nothing so as your doctor about discounts.
-My doc printed me some stretches to do with a yoga ball but I never tried

edited, originally posted 9 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

when I am well, I am so blessed to live in a community with a pool. Both knees shot, but once again blessed to have just gotten a scooter.

posted 8 days ago
A myRAteam Member said:

1) tylenol arthritis and tylenol pm is what I take most of the time. I've also changed my diet to help with the inflammation
2) I get bronchitis and upper respiratory infections a few times a year and strep a couple times a year. My son is pretty much a strep carrier and I've noticed that I get strep more often since ra.
3) I feel the same way
4) ra affects people differently, but for me, yes. It's easier to list what joints are not affected by ra. I do have to watch joint injuries. 3yrs ago I was in a wreck that messed up my lower back. Less than a year later, I could tell the ra was taking hold. I've also been in the oilfield from 04-20, so my body has been through hell and back several times. When it flares really bad, I can't get out of bed.
5) I don't do yoga, but I try to stay active. I hunt, grow a garden, plus trying to keep up with my kids

posted 9 days ago
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